Welcome to the fine art website of Martin Guan.

Gallery updates: 3D monthly, montage + drawing weekly, collage daily (with few exceptions only).

1. About Martin Guan

I’m a self-taught artist from Southern Germany. After school I moved to Berlin. I studied mathematics (diploma) and philosophy (minor). Since 2014 – after many years of work as a designer and GUI programmer – I’m working as an artist.

2. About the Art Works

2.1 Portrait Paintings

Detail of a Portrait Painting
Portrait Paintings

My abstract paintings of the human face are from imagination. I paint these portraits in acrylics using different techniques. (Acrylics on water-color paper 50cm x 70cm).

2.2 3D Computer Graphics

Detail of a 3D Computer Graphic
3D Graphic (detail)

Each computer graphic has 3D objects to symbolize the basic idea of a thought process result.

2.3 Photomontages

Detail of a Photomontage
Photomontage (detail)

Each Photomontage consists of

  • A Portrait Painting (see above 2.1)
  • A 3D graphic (see above 2.2)
  • An abstract photograph

I don’t want to present my photos within a gallery page. But I plan to make them searchable inside an archive on this website by the end of 2019.

2.4) Figure Drawings

Detail of a Figure Drawing
Figure Drawing (detail)

The pencil drawings from imagination have the human figure as the primary subject. I use black acrylics as a finish. (Graphite on water-color paper 14.8cm x 21cm)

2.5 Art Collages

Detail of a digital Art Collage
Digital Art-Collage (detail)

The layers described above (see 2.1-2.4) are merged into a new image, the “art collage”. So this composite image includes scans of an actual drawing and a painting. Each drawing is only used once for an art collage. Some paintings can be found in different art collages.

There may be several alternative names for my art collages: digital collage, digital photo montage, mixed media drawings; I don’t know which one would be the best match or something like an official categorization. At first I wanted to avoid the word “digital”: otherwise many wouldn’t think of ‘real’ drawings and paintings.